PFT Free Rolls

The PFT Free Rolls continue tonight at Titan Poker at 9:30 EST. The prize pool is $50 with no buy-in. If you are lucky enough to get the password please do not give it out to anyone. If you still do not have a Titan Poker Account make sure you use the bonus code PFT to get a 100% bonus and entry to future PFT Free Rolls.

Existing members who do not make posts will not be given the password after this week. The community will not continue to grow without your help, and if you expect to play in the $200 free rolls each week you better start posting and refering your friends. A detailed checklist is being made so that only quality members will recieve the passwords from now on.

Titan Poker

Titan Poker is quickly becoming one of the top poker rooms on the net. Some of the best Titan Poker features are the daily free rolls with small fields, instant deposits and cashouts, and the 100% bonus up to $500. These features are the best in the industry by far. Here are some tips for getting started and playing at Titan Poker.

1. If you want to see detailed features and pictures of Titan Poker, see the Titan Poker Review page.

2. If you need help setting up your account, see the Titan Poker Sign Up Instructions page.

3. If you want to see the sign up bonus offers for new players, see the Titan Poker New Players Package details.

4. If you have any other questions about playing at Titan Poker or anything else, see the Poker Forum Support, PFT Poker League, or Titan Poker sections.

Don’t miss out on the PFT tournaments each week where will be hosting $200 in free rolls for new players and loyal forum members at Titan Poker. If you ever have any questions Private Message the user tke1600 and I will get back to you ASAP. Enjoy!

New eligibility Requirements

New eligibility Requirements for Poker Fish Tracker Free Roll on January 24th:

1. Any new player that signs up for Titan Poker from and uses the bonus code PFT20 when creating their account. No deposit necessary!

2. Existing Titan players are eligible for Poker Fish Tracker Free Rolls:

A) By Bringing in any new player who signs up for from our website who uses the bonus code PFT20 when creating their new account. No Deposit Necessary!

All PFT forum members who make quality posts from now until January 24th will be eligible. The password will be given out on Jan 24th before the tournament.

4. All decisions are final and management has the right to add or remove any players from eligibilty.