Online poker rooms

Online poker rooms offer bonus codes so that players can get extra money when they first sign up. The bonus code PFT works at all the poker rooms listed on Poker Fish Tracker, and will get you a lot more money than signing up without using a bonus code.

Remember to use PFT when signing up at any poker room to get the most money possible. Here is what the bonus code PFT gets you right now:

  • Party Poker = $100 extra bonus
  • Titan Poker = 100% match bonus up to $500 extra
  • Stacks Poker = 100% match bonus
  • Gaming Solutions = 100% up to $600 Extra

Also the bonus code PFT will get you free entries into upcoming free rolls at Paradise Poker and Titan Poker.


Starting on March 14, PFT will be sponsoring 2 free rolls at Titan Poker each week for all new players and active forum members. These tournaments will be very exclusive and all players that want to play will have to meet guidelines to participate. These free rolls will be part of the PFT New Players Package, and select existing PFT members will also be able to participate.

Visit the FAQ page to learn more about the PFT webiste.

Tuesdays – $50 Free roll with no buy-in
Wednesdays – $2 buy-in with $150 added Free

Eligibility for the new PFT Free Rolls….

1. Any new player who signs up for the Titan Poker New Players Package using the bonus code PFT on sign up.

2. Existing Titan players who have created an account before with the bonus code PFT.

3. Existing PFT Members who refer new players for the PFT Titan Poker New Players Package, or who actively take part in daily discussions and help the PFT community grow. Passwords will not be given to players who just register for the forum.

There is going to be $200 a week in free money sponsored by PFT for the community. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has not played online poker before to win some play for real money on us. Please mail to or pm tke1600 in the PFT forum for any questions.

Opening night

Opening night Sunday was a good night with the World Series Champions (chicago white sox) coming off a huge win. Then monday night there was 13 games. The Yankees win a big one 15-2 a-rod hit a grand slam and started the season with 5 rbis. The Mets got some help in their game to win 3-2. Umpire made a bad call at home plate when Paul Lo Duca dropped the ball tagging out Soriano at the plate. He picked up the ball quick and since the umpire was on the pitching mound side he had no view of it and called him out. All I have to say is I think it will be a great season and GO YANKEES! (yes i am from NY)